George Bruns: I came here on Sleeping Beauty actually, but we didn’t really record that until 1957. We had to go to Germany to record it because of the musicians’ strike. Walt sent us all over to Germany, and we recorded at a studio in Berlin. In the meantime he had me doing shorts. I did some shorts then on the TV thing that came out. I did every TV special except for one in the first year.

David Tietyen: How did you get involved with the Studio to begin with?

GB: You remember UPA? They did some really great stuff for the early ’50s. Top stuff. They were doing a cartoon called Little Boy with a Big Horn. They needed a guy who played jazz tuba. They called Ward Kimball asking if he knew a jazz tuba player. Through all my jazz contacts and recording I knew Ward. Ward recommended me to come out and do a tuba solo. […]

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