John Culhane wrote the following introduction to this interview: “My cousin, Master Animator Shamus Culhane, introduced me to Izzy Klein and I was impressed to meet an early New Yorker cartoonist who became an animator on such early Disney cartoon shorts as Mickey Magician (February 6, 1937) and Lonesome Ghosts (December 24, 1937).

I believe that Klein came to the special, open-to-the-public evening meeting on May 28, 1973, of my History of Animation class at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, the first such course ever offered for college credit in the world. Milt Kahl showed some of his scenes from the upcoming Robin Hood. Milt had impressed I. Klein since 1937, and when I introduced Milt, Izzy invited me to his house for dinner later in 1973, when this interview took place.”

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