Christopher Finch and Linda Rosenkrantz: I hear you are finally retiring.

Walt Pfeiffer: Yes, just three more weeks. This is my retirement job. I retired from the Studio about two years ago. I managed the Penthouse Club for about 23 years along with my other jobs, so I just came up here to finish out a couple more years.

CF&LR: What were you doing at the Studio before?

WP: Well, originally I came out from Chicago. Walt and Lilly were on their way to Europe and stopped off in Chicago. He asked me to come out to Hollywood where they were starting to make Snow White. I came out as a storyman. I’d been an art director for about 12 years before that. When I got out here, the guys were so good at drawing that they drew rings around me, so I stayed in the Story Department and worked on the shorts and then Snow White. I later became manager of the Story Department. […]

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