Craig McNair Wilson is currently a corporate creativity coach and conference speaker. He has authored four books, several plays, and numerous articles. He worked for roughly ten years with Walt Disney Imagineering.

He was the Artistic Director of an Orlando improvisational theater group known as SAK. In that position, he was responsible for the “trunk shows” at Epcot’s World Showcase where actors came out with a trunk of props and costumes and recruited guests to help in their presentation.

Later, Wilson was also involved with the training of the original actors who comprised the “Streetmosphere” performers at the Disney-MGM Studios.


JK: How did you get started as an Imagineer at the Walt Disney World theme parks?

CMW: I was Artistic Director at SAK Theater, an improvisational theater company in Orlando that created all the street theater at Epcot. Initially, we had a three-month contract just for Italy from Opening Day (October 1, 1982 through the end of the year). Our immediate popularity led to Disney “Creative Entertainment” asking if we had enough additional “Saktors” to add a troupe to the United Kingdom. Since SAK had been in existence since August 17, 1977, we had a roster of almost sixty trained street performers and had been sending SAK troupes to more than thirty Renaissance Festivals and other street fairs every year.


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