Jack Lindquist was hired by Walt Disney as Disneyland’s first advertising manager, and eventually played a key role in making the Park a world-famous tourist attraction. From marketing the original “E tickets” to lobbying for Disneyland’s millennial expansion, Jack was involved in nearly every aspect of the theme park.

Known for his relatively hands-off management style, Jack was among the most beloved of park executives. As Disneyland’s former executive vice president Ron Dominquez once said, “Jack is Jack, no matter where he is or what he is doing. He respects people. He goes out of his way not to be set up on a pedestal.”


[The recording begins with a discussion of the press junket for the opening of Walt Disney World.]

Jack Lindquist: You know we got criticized, and actually, on 60 Minutes, I did a segment in ’72 with Mike Wallace [confrontational reporter] over the opening of Florida. We’d bring down 200 media people every three days, and wine them, dine them, show them the property. They’d leave, another 200 [would come]. We did it 15 times in that first month. So we brought down close to 3,000 media people from around the United States. And 60 Minutes was doing a story on Lockheed and Ford: Congressmen and media people and hunting lodges and fishing trips in Alaska, and the rest of the stuff. And at the last minute they decided—they found out what we were doing. Buying the media. […]


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