Bob Thomas: How did you get involved with the Disney operation?

Marvin Davis: I was working at Fox. I had been there for about twenty years. They came to kind of a crossroads in their business and a lot of people were hatcheted by a guy by the name of Mr. Kloonz (?). Everybody called him the hatchet man. Anyhow, there was a man that I worked for as his assistant. He was the art director at the time. He had met Walt Disney and had done some architectural work for him on his house. As a result of that he did some work on the combination live-action cartoon features that Walt did. That was five or six years before this particular time. So Walt got the idea of this amusement-park thing and he called Dick Irvine to come over and see him. He asked if he needed someone else to work with him and so he picked me. I was still working here [at Fox] but I could see the handwriting on the wall. I said, “Dick, I would love to. It sounds like an exciting thing.” It was really out of the blue. I had no idea what was going to happen or what it was. At the time he had the idea of a little kiddie-land park on the triangle space, right next to the Studio. That is where now they put the building for—

BT: The new animation building.

Marvin: That is quite a building. […]


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