In 1949, when Armand Bigle was asked by Company co-founder Roy O. Disney to accept a commission sales job, opening new territories for Disney in Europe for 30 percent of the gross, he had to think about it. After all, it offered no salary. Roy E. Disney, son of Roy O. Disney, later recalled:

“At the time, we had no significant merchandising business in Europe. Once Armand accepted the position, however, the deal soon had to be re- negotiated because he grew the business rather wildly.”

“Armand was always full of outrageous marketing ideas,” Roy added. “When Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier was released, he had my wife, Patty, and his wife, Betty, walking up and down the famed Champs- Elysées wearing coonskin caps—he wanted to create a new fashion rage in Paris.”


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