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Bull Jumps Over The Sea—Above is the drawing which is being transmitted by radio at the left. By this RCA facsimile service, documents, signatures, photographs, drawings or anything else that can be put on paper, are daily sent by radio in either direction between New York and San Francisco, New York and London, Berli

Radio got its start as a message service. Broa casting, and other present-day radio activities, derive much of their effectiveness from RCA research, instituted to improve the quality of communication services.

Thus the performance of today's Electric Tun ing RCA Victor radios is to a large degree due te work done by men whose immediate concern was to add to the speed and certainty of RCA's world-wide communication. Association of RCA's tradition of radio research with Victor's vast xperience in sound reproduction has led natur-ly to an exceedingly satisfactory accuracy of one in RCA Victor radios for home reception. Mher results—the extraordinary realism of the new Victor Higher Fidelity Records and RCA Victrolas, that are largely responsible for the renewed vogue for record music.