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Show business and the automobile business are going to the World's Fair together, and Walt Disney is riding in a Ford. Disney and his imagineering organization called WED Enterprises, Inc. (the initials stand for Walter Elias Disney) are in the final phases of a three-year task commissioned by the Ford Motor Company.

The same creative talents that created and designed Disneyland are turning out the Ford attraction for the 1964-65 New York World's Fair.

A unique attraction of the Ford-Disney show will be a ride in Ford-built convertibles through a time tunnel eons into the past and far into the future.

In the prehistoric section, fair guests will have the novel experience of viewing — while cradled in modern automobile comfort — such wonders of creation as dinosaurs that crane their necks and eat strange vegetation, now-extinct reptiles that fly, and cavemen-who make fire with sticks, paint on rock walls and talk caveman language.