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Disneyland remains one of America's most beloved playgrounds. Nan Holland introduces us to the upholsterers who make Disneyland's seats and fixtures so attractive. Learn what it takes to keep every seam and cushion in the perfect shape that Walt Disney himself demanded. Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me? It may just be Manny Medina and the upholsterers of Disneyland. An entertaining, informative article.

Disneyland, "the happiest Dee on earth," is a dream come true. Keeping that dream fresh and alive every day calls for a cast of thousands both on and offstage. It is the offstage cast of creators, fabricators and craftsmen and -women who set the mood and maintain the seven theme lands, the 55 rides and adventures, the special activities, restaurants, snack centers and shops throughout the magic kingdom. Central to this dedicated and skilled cast is Disneyland"s Decorating Department. The Decorating Department's responsibilities include six crucial areas: upholstery, stage properties, window display, seamstresses, floral displays and facility support. Not least of the responsibilities is the maintenance and recycling of 10,723 seating units in theaters, restaurants and attractions. Overseeing all upholstering projects is Manuel — "Manny" — Medina, a master upholsterer with 30 years" experience. Having learned upholstering from the bottom up in his cousin's business, Medina for many years operated his own upholstering company in Orange City, Calif. Medina has been with Disneyland for the past decade.