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THE newest program at Walt Disney Productions. Burbank, Calif., features no Donald Duck, no Mickey Mouse, no Ludwig von Drake, no Jose Carioca. Its "star" is a newly-installed, highly-flexible electronic computer.

Although Disney's primary concern is entertainment, his corporate responsibilities entail the eficient, profitable management of a large and diversified organization. The new computer system, an RCA 301 tape and card installation, will help him to do the job less expensively, more effectively and faster.

The job is not a small one. Nearly 600 companies throughout the world manufature close to 2,000 items carrying the Disney trademark. Thousands of books are sold annually. More than 250 million Disney comic books are published each year. Royalties on these and other enterprises must be processed and monitored by the computer. Approximately 10 percent of Disney's income comes from royalties.