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When Walt Disney went to Anaheim, CA, in 1953 to start construction on the now world-famous Disneyland amusement park, Cosmo Vincent Taormina, founder of the Anaheim Disposal Co., was known as the official trash man of Anaheim.

As Vince Taormina, executive vice president and general manager of the firm, tells it: "My father started with an old Chevy pickup and one barrel. My mother drove and my father acted as swamper. When Walt Disney came to Anaheim, he and my father worked together getting Disneyland started; Anaheim Disposal got its name; and it was uphill from then on."


Picking up Disneyland

Disneyland is "an operation all its own," Taormina says, adding, "We pull between 90 and 100 tons per day of refuse out of Disneyland during the summer, and at least half that amount during the winter months."

In the park, Anaheim Disposal has 25 three-yard containers which are picked up on a daily basis. The containers are located where stationary compactors could not be placed. Disneyland owns 12 two-cubic-yard-capacity stationary packers with 15-yd. containers that are located throughout the park. Approximately three more are to be added in the near future.

Anaheim Disposal keeps ten 22-ft-long custom-built roll off containers at a makeshift transfer station and dock. Various other roll offs are inside for special side jobs in, for example, the pony farm and warehouse