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On Monday night, June 15, a special television program showed the new work done at famous Disneyland. A highly publicized part of this program concerned the neu monorail train. Here's how this monorail system was built.

One of the most exacting large-scale concrete precasting operations has just been completed at the Carbon Dubbs Co, plant in Stanton, Calif.

The project was the manufacture of 240 precast concrete units, 120 beams and 120 columns for the new monorail system being installed at Disneyland. It entailed the casting of twisting, curving concrete beams 40 feet long with a maximum surface tolerance of one-eighth of an inch and with end tolerances so close that when placed end to end atop the supporting columns, the beams form a continuous 3,830 foot long track with no more than 3¢ inch separation be tween any connecting sections. This small gap provides for expansion and contraction of the concrete.

The monorail is part of the $5 million-plus development scheduled for opening at Disneyland on June Ist. The entire development, also including a submarine ride, 145-foot scale model of the Matterhorn, and redesigned autopias, combined make a major construction project. But the monorail involved intricate engineering design and casting problems of significance.