Alberto Becattini: Could you please talk about your contributions to the “Studio Program”, i.e., to the Disney Studio’s comics production for overseas publications only?

Bob Foster: I don’t know how helpful I can be here. Maybe it was because I was new to the Publications Division, but I treated most of my work as just another staff assignment. My first few years there I had no idea what was done for who, or where all our work wound up. I would typically be given an assignment to “come up with a story about . . .” or to “write some gags for . . .” and then go ahead and come up with a story or gags and turn them in to my boss when I was done, not knowing what it was for or where it went. It wasn’t until I was heavily involved in the comics that I got to know much about the business end of the job. I remember writing some comic stories for Editora Abril in Brazil, but I never saw the final artwork, never saw it in print.

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