[…] This episode of The Tomorrow Society Podcast brings together two of my favorite past guests. Both are former Disney Imagineers that worked on many classic theme park attractions. Don Carson returns for his fifth appearance, and he’s joined by Chris Runco for another great conversation.

During the episode, [they] discuss small enhancements that don’t generate headlines but make a big difference at the parks. It’s those little touches that keep us coming back to amazing places like Disneyland over and over. Don and Chris recall stories of updates that Imagineers often do without the fanfare. We also cover what makes effective concept art. [Dan] enjoyed learning more about how much goes into new ideas, including marathon brainstorming sessions.

[They] close this Imagineering Roundtable by looking to the future and the impact of new technology on theme park design. Classic attractions will succeed in any era, but guests’ tastes change over time. Don and Chris also talk about how the COVID-19 pandemic might impact the parks in the future. […]