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CREATED by Walt Disney and designed by WED Enterprises, Inc., "Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln" brings to the theater stage a unique dramatization of the American heritage. Disney has long held the belief that more Americans should recognize the extra-ordinary influence of historical events on our lives today. He has constantly searched for new and inviting ways to help Americans become more aware of history's significance in the future development of the nation.

Special techniques of 3-dimensional animation, projection, staging; and stereophonic sound are combined to create the Lincoln show. At times, through the use of sound speakers located throughout the auditorium, the audience itself seems to participate in the proceedings, as though they were in the crowd at one of Lincoln's speeches. Highlight of the show is a portion of his famous addresses and writings, delivered from the stage by a lifelike Lincoln figure.

He first appears seated in thoughtful dignity. As the narrator introduces the address, Lincoln seems to come to life. Apparently immobile moments before, he rises to his feet and speaks, delivering his address with complete co-ordination of movements and speech. Plans call for presentations of different Lincoln speeches, each centering on a major theme (appropriate to special holidays or historical dates occurring during the fair season.


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