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After 20 years of dreaming and planning, Walt Disneys fabulous Disneyland is at long last a reality. Located just off the Santa Ana Freeway about 30 minutes from Los Angeles, this giant playground is expected to attract 5 million visitors yearly. Main attraction will be a castle filled with life-size Disney cartoon characters (Fantasyland). There'll also be a log fort and authentic buildings of the Old West (Frontierland). There'll be boat voyages past lifelike displays of romantic parts of the world (Adventureland) and "rocket trips" to a city of the future (Tomorrowland).

To the realization of this whole magical $10,000,000 Disney kingdom, Contractor S. A. Cummings, Compton, California, played an important part. Cummings 5 C Tournapulls handled nearly all dirt work on the 160-acre tract . . , moving 280,000 cubic yards of sand and sandy loam in 6 months, Almost all of the yardage moved was precision work. The "Cs" dug boat channels, hauled material for railroad embankments, built artificial hills and even rocket platforms. They graded a parking area for 10,000 cars, leveled building sites, dug several lakes, a castle moat, and a storm drain, 5 Tournapulls move 300 yds, hourly.


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