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The Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village, approximately 15 miles southwest of Orlando, Florida, is the area first village-themed shopping experience. The shopping village is located in the heart of Lake Buena Vista, the host community to Walt Disney World. Covering 20 acres, the village is nestled beside 20-acre man-made lake and navigable waterway that links the village with other points of interest within Lake Buena Vista Communities.

The landscape composition at the village includes approximately 1,000 mature and specimen size trees and over 40,000 shrubs, groundcovers and flowering vines. The major trees are live and laurel oaks, evergreen drake elms, slash pine, and loblolly sweet bay. Flowering trees complementing the scene are the flowering crape myrtle. Also found in the village are the red maple, sycamore, weeping willow, and two natives to the area, the east palatka holly and the wax myrtle.