John Hench: ...Phraseology of any kind, you know. He would express a more fundamental thing. He was never guilty of putting in whatever was a current expression. He felt so strongly he’d go back to a point, where he felt he could depend on it. Something that would be good from now on, because it was fundamental, that’s where Walt was coming from.

Jay Horan: That was the genius of the animated films because—

JH: Yes it is, and that’s the reason that we don’t have to worry about Snow White being reissued or any of those early films, because that thing is still there, and each new child, each new generation—they’re programmed for this—this kind of support that he offered, this need.

Jay: Maybe we could start out with some basics and you could just talk a bit about your history with the company. When you started and the various films, and later on, theme park shows that you’ve worked on.

JH: I’ve been here since Fantasia and worked on most everything except— the last picture was 20,000 Leagues.


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