[Frank Thomas'] correspondence with Göran Broling gives us a glimpse into his activities during the last 20-odd years of his life.

Göran Broling: I have heard you and Ollie are working on a book about Disney animation.

Frank Thomas: Ollie and I are trying to write a book about the animation done here at the Disney Studio and that keeps us very, very busy. There is so much to tell and so many things to write about . . . Some people want to know how to do the animation, what principles, what to do, while others just want the stories of what it was like working with Walt and making the pictures. We are trying to do a little of both. It is a big job and we want to do it as best we can. We have a nice room at the Studio where we can look at old drawings and decide what to write. With the gasoline shortage, we can’t come in every day so we work at home half of the time. As we finish up the book, we will have to be at the Studio more days now. […]

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