Dear Denys Guffawed Givoörd, Scrooge,


I’m sorry that I used the terribly English spelling of [artist] Anthony E. Spear, only Speer is so German!

And, while I’m about it I’d better confess that I did slip up over Reg Perrott. Yes, it is double r and double t.

I reely karnt understanned it—spellin woz alweighs my meatier, too kwote the French—mussed be the chainge of life!

Actually, I’m not too fussed about Speer. I haven’t really forgiven him for a piece of cowardly inaction on his part way back in 1934. I’d gone on a punting holiday on the Thames in that year, and, like one does, I wrote a cheery letter to the lads still slaving away in the Adams and Fidler studio. Referring to old Morley Adams, I stated that if I had him there (on the river), I’d hold him under until his hat floated, plus one or two other remarks in a like ilk. Well, cherubic-faced Tony has this letter on his desk when old Morley shuffled up and piped, “Ah, a letter from Reynolds—can I read it?” And instead of swallowing it or shouting no you can’t, dear Tony said, “Yes, sir!”


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