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An Engineering News-Record
Special Advertising Section
November 25, 1982

Working together side by side on 600 in-hospitable acres of central Florida swamp, thousands of artists, architects, engineers, contractors, and construction management personnel transformed, in only 36 months, a fantastic dream into a world never before imagined. The dream belonged to the late Walt Disney, who sired mouse i 1928 and went on to build a multi-billion dollar commercial empire on its animated back.

Today, the Disney empire bridges the United States from Anaheim, in the west – the site of Disneyland – to Orlando in the east, where Walt Disney World has been pulling people by the millions from every comer of the earth every year for the past decade – people who have bought enough Mouse Ears to outfit the entire population of Chicago. And next year the empire will extend beyond U.S. shores, with the opening of Tokyo Disneyland.

Everything touched by Walt Disney Productions, the parent company, seems to turn to golden success. That less & miracle than it appears to be – unless you redefine the word miracle. The corporate genius of Walt Disney Productions lies in its uncanny ability to know precisely what touch and when to touch it that, the organization's flair for translating the shadow of imagination into fascinating substance, and its infinite, unflagging attention to detail en route.