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Margaret in Wonderland; The Pathfinder, 1949-06-15 - DIX project
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Margaret O'Brien, 12-year-old, pig- tailed movie star, was the only member of her family with a fairly clear idea last week of her plans for the immediate future. She expects to work at the Walt Disney studios in a couple of months.

Her mother, Mrs. Gladys O'Brien Sylvio, announced in Hollywood she would seek annulment of her four-month marriage to orchestra leader Don Sylvio. The marriage, she said, had never been consummated. She admitted that Margaret, who sobbed through the Palm Beach, Fla., wedding and refused to kiss her new stepfather, was "happy" over her latest decision, but denied that Margaret's wishes had anything to do with it.

Who, Us? Sylvio claimed to be surprised, contradicted his wife's statement that they had never lived as husband and wife and promised to fight the suit.

Released from her $3,000-a-week contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios, Margaret looked forward to some rest to soothe her shattered nerves. Then, if all goes well, she will fill her contract with Disney to provide the "voice" for the title role in an animated cartoon production of Alice in Wonderland-who frequently complained that she was confused, too.