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THE new world of fantasy. legend and reality which Walt Disney has opened this fall for children from six to sixty makes him the undisputed king of the television frontier. Indeed. the Disney legend may live in television forevermore, for doubtful that any other individual will approach the volume in programming which now pouring from this amazing, unassuming man.

Sturdy Davy Crockett is reappearing in fresh Disneyland adventures, this time teamed with another fabulous gent named Mike Fink, king of the river. Their tangle with pirates on the Ohio and Mississippi in The Great Keel Boat Race is a feature of Disney's new nighttime show on the ABC network.

And the restless. energetic Mr. Disney also has special hour-length program called The Mickey Mouse Club, which the network presents daily in the late afternoon, Monday through Friday the year around.

The Mickey Mouse Club is designed as is just about everything Disney undertakes – to be educational as well as entertaining by providing information about the world around its people, animals, vegetation and mineral matter and, course, the realm of outer space.

A million and one ideas like these are bubbling the mind of the 53-year.old farm bov from Marceline, Mo.. who 29 years ago created a mouse which helped to broaden the horizon of movie making and today has carried Disney to heights unequalled even by the mighty P. T. Barnum.

The recently opened Disneyland amusement park in Anaheim. Calif.. south of Los Angeles, mightier show than Barnum great cireus. It is a 60-acre oasis of fantasy, a multiringed circus, world's fair and projection of the rocket era in one.