In 1983, Bruce Hamilton representing Another Rainbow Publishing contacted Jim Korkis to interview Jack Hannah about his work with Carl Barks, and in particular, the work on the first original Donald Duck comic-book story, Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold. The interview was to appear in the Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney’s Donald Duck Set One, Volume One in 1984.

While Jim had interviewed Hannah several times before and he had briefly mentioned his respect and affection for Carl Barks when they worked as a story team at Disney in the late Thirties and early Forties, Jim set up another interview to expand on those comments and to explore Hannah’s work on Disney comic books.

In the late Thirties and early Forties, the Disney comic books being produced by Whitman/Western reprinted the Disney comic strips, but they were running out of material. So it was decided to create original comic-book stories featuring the Disney characters. […]

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