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We're just back from a return visit to Disneyland and are convinced even more than before that it is an excellent postgraduate study center for admen.

Any "student" of promotion could spend weeks just observing the "little things" that surround every visitor to Walt Disney's California tourist mecca. The careful attention to details-no matter how small- -is one of the most important factors in the success of Disneyland.

While there are others who have the primary responsibility of keeping Disneyland operating from day to day, Walt Disney can frequently be seen, particularly on weekends, strolling from feature to feature throughout the park. The net result is a never-ending series of Disney-inspired changes more often than not just "little things" here and there. For showman Disney, the park offers a creative outlet which he has not found in most of his many enterprises. With movies and cartoons, there is a point where it is necessary-for reasons of time and/or economy-to call a halt to any changes. But with Disneyland, time presents no handicap and the economics of the situation actually call for some changes to give the park new appeal to repeat visitors.