As a theme park fan, [Dan has] often made assumptions about what it’s like to work as a Disney Imagineer. The role sounds amazing because it involves creating the attractions and places that I love so much. But what is it like to actually be an Imagineer? On this roundtable episode of The Tomorrow Society Podcast, Don Carson and Chris Merritt help to answer that question.

Don and Chris both have extensive experience working as theme park designers for Disney and other companies. On this episode, they describe what inspired them to pursue this career and their fandom for theme parks. Don explains how his fear of The Haunted Mansion as a child pushed him to understand how it works. Chris describes his visits with legends like Marc and Alice Davis and Rolly Crump that encouraged his interest. They both have also learned the challenges to working in this industry.

[Dan] really enjoyed how candid Don and Chris are about difficulties along with the successes. They both love theme parks, but that doesn’t mean it’s always an easy role. It’s a great conversation that covers a lot from their careers. Chris also talks about the amazing book Marc Davis in His Own Words that he co-authored with Pete Docter. He describes what inspired him to write such an extensive look at Marc’s career. Don also gives more background on his remarkable VR recreation of the 1958 version of the Alice in Wonderland attraction. […]