Few Disney Imagineers take the same road to finding their careers. [Dan Heaton has] learned how many stumbled into their roles and discovered unexpected talents. The path was different for Daniel Joseph, who created haunted houses in his basement as a kid. His passion for creating effects and illusions fit perfectly with Walt Disney Imagineering. Daniel’s interest in The Haunted Mansion and Yale Gracey also helped drive his journey to WDI. His innovative effects and designs help make the attractions work.

Daniel is [Dan Heaton's] guest on this episode of The Tomorrow Society Podcast to talk about his extensive career. [They] discuss his original interest in working at Disney and participation in the Imaginations Design Competition. Daniel has worked on many cool projects for Disney, including Trader Sam’s, Test Track, and Phantom Manor. He also helped create The Hatbox Ghost, added to Disneyland’s Mansion in 2015. […]

Beyond specific attractions, Daniel gives helpful advice to younger artists hoping to become Imagineers. He works for Disney today and has experience joining as a young designer. Daniel also chats about his favorite theme park attractions, Yale Gracey’s inspiration, and what excites him about the future of theme parks. […]