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Dear Readers,

Perhaps you've noticed already that this edition of our magazine is different from those you've seen before. It's the first of the new "bigger" issues, with more pages, more features and stories, and more pictures and color than we've used previously.

In this issue is an article by Gitta Sacha, a Viennese girl in her middle teens. Some time ag0. Gitta was named a Junior Ambassador from her native Austria to Disneyland Park. Gitta sent us the story of her trip from Vienna to Los Angeles, via New York, Denver and Washington, D.C. We thought you would like her reactions to America, expressed in her own not-always-perfect English.

Of course, many of your old friends are back in this issue. Mickey Mouse, master detective, solves a baffling crime; there's a spread of Mouseketeer photos from Annette's album; and Jaq and Gus, those two brave mice, help a famous explorer out of a very difficult spot.

Your friend,
Walt Disney