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DIX note

This item is not indexed and is included here as reference to the complete item.

Dear Renders,

We're pretty enthused about the story "Creeps" which appears on pages 36 through 39 of this issue. It's the tale of a girl wha has a terrifying experience when she explores an old deserted barn – and it was sent to us by one of our readers, Donia Whiteley.

Also in this issue are many of your old friends. Jaq and Gus, the intrepid mice of Cinderella fame, swing into action as only Jaq und Gus can when a dastardly villain threatens the palace. In another story, that great dramatic actor, Goofy, tells how he achieved fame and fortune movie star. Zorro langles with a atrange and mysterious gang in the first part of an exciting new adventure, und Moochie spends a perfect day with Sergeant Garcia.

You may notice a "new look" about this issue of the magazine. From now on, you can expect to see more and more pictures and more and more picture stories. There'll be more games, too, like the sports quiz on page 20, and a brand new department – All About Music – which a lot of our readers have been requesting. This spread will carry the lyries to the most popular songs from TV shows and serials, and news and notes on leading recording artists.

We hope you'll like the "new look" and that you'll keep your wonderful letters coming with your many fine suggestions for making the magazine bigger and better.

Your friend,
Walt Disney