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DIX note

This item is not indexed and is included here as reference to the complete item.

Dear Readers,

Our editors have had a busy time these last months, judging the photos submitted in our snapshot contest. There were so many fine entries that we've awarded two sets of prizes. Nine winners had their snapshots published in February, and nine more appear in this issue together with the list of those contestants receiving honorable mention. We like contests, and we expect to have more of them. On page 13 of this issue, prizes are offered for good captions to a cartoon. If you have a flair for humor, you'll want to fry your hand in this contest.

Also in this issue is an article many of our readers have requested --  the story of Roberta Shore, who does such a fine job in our film The Shaggy Dog. There is also an interview with Shaggy himself. And we think you'll enjoy the new Zorro mystery on page 20. It's adapted from the TV film in which Annette Funicello enacts the part of a Spanish girl named Anita.

Your friend,
Walt Disney