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Dear Readers,

In this issue of our magazine, we have tried something new a visiting editor's page. Our very first visiting editor is none other than Kevin "Moochie" Corcoran, who will be remembered from the 'Spin and Marty" TV series and the movie, "Old Yeller. Moochie chose to edit some games and puzzles for the 'Anything Can Happen" page, and he worked pretty hard at this job. He had a lot of fun being an editor- and he tells us he thinks his page is "real good.'

We think Moochie's page is good, but it has some real competition. For example, in this issue Donald Duck travels all over the world trying to track down a master criminal. And we've caught some of the Mouseketeers off-guard as they play during breaks in their shooting schedule. Then there's the last installment of ""The Secret of San Rio, and the first part of a new fiction story, "Bee Line to Trouble.'

Mickey Mouse, now an experienced TV actor, describes television on page six, and there's a brand new Zorro adventure on page 10. And in case you've ever wondered what happens when a Mouseketeer has a photograph taken, just turn to page four.

We are grateful for all your letters with your fine suggestions for the magazine. You can be sure our staff finds them very helpful in choosing the stories and features that will make our magazine better than ever.

Your friend,
Walt Disney