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As well as dancing rabbits, singing sheep and a rigging system for Cars, Pixar's new short provided a rare directorial role for legendary animator Bud Luckey, veteran of both Toy Story and Sesame Street

Although the most successful CG animated feature films in history were born in this studio, Pixar Animation has never forgotten its roots in short films. Shorts make practical sense fot the studio, and while they give artists and technicians a chance to test new technology and management skills, they're also an art form that many people at the company love and want to support.

"A number of years ago, we had an open call for short films," says Osnat Shurer, Producer of Pixar's latest short. Boundin', one of the films selected for production "We're still working on films from that open call."

"The whole idea was to train young guys to be directors " says 69 year-old Bud Luckey, who conceived the Idea for Boundin'."But I thought, oh, what the hell. I hadn't done a short film in long time." This year, the seven-minute animation written designed and directed by Luckey (with Roger Gould) was nominated for an Oscar and won an Annie for Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Short Subject.