CHRIS HIBLER: When you mentioned that Roy had said that Papa was his mentor, it’s not just from the True-Life Adventure standpoint. My understanding is it’s also from a writing standpoint. From what I’ve heard, Roy Sr. wanted Roy Jr. to learn from someone he considered kind of tough, and Papa certainly was a tough guy with some grit.

HUNT HIBLER: Not to put down Roy or anything, but I heard that people didn’t receive Roy real well, being that he was Walt’s nephew. He just came out of college and now he’s supposed to be this… basically without having done anything in the motion picture industry. And everyone knows that experience is what gives you the knowledge in this industry, so no one was really willing to take on the responsibility of… But he was a writer, an English major. He was brilliant in his own right. But no one really wanted to take that on, and Papa was one of the first people to really accept him, is what I hear. […]

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