[…] On this week’s episode of the Tomorrow Society Podcast, Rick is back to talk even more about his beautiful movie. He delves more into the technical challenges of shooting helicopter footage and other tricky scenes with simpler technology. It took inventive thinking and innovations on the spot to make the attraction work. The fact that it still charms so many guests today just reinforces the creative success of Impressions de France.

Rick also worked directly with many legendary Imagineers during his time at Disney and beyond. His stories about Marty Sklar, Harper Goff, X Atencio, and more aren’t just about the attractions. On this podcast, Rick tells so many fun tales about working at Imagineering. He describes the development of World Showcase pavilions that never happened, doing voice work for Space Mountain, and a surprising moment in the Everglades shooting speed room footage. Rick had a remarkable career, and [Dan Heaton] loved having the chance to hear more stories about his work.