As we celebrated Walt Disney World’s 49th birthday on October 1, I wanted to look back at not just one of the resort’s most popular attractions, but characters as well. The Dreamfinder (and good right arm, Figment) were created for the new Journey Into Imagination attraction in Epcot in 1983, and ushered in a sense of wonder and fun the likes of which the park had never seen before. And helping to create that spark of imagination was Ron Schneider, the original Dreamfinder. Ron joined me live in Magic Kingdom for the anniversary, and shares stories that paint a colorful picture tracing the origins of the attraction and character, as well as his years in the parks, to working with Tony Baxter, and the day that Michael Jackson asked to meet Dreamfinder. We also discuss the future of the attraction, characters, and EPCOT, Walt, and so much more.