Join Jim on a journey to Disney's Animal Kingdom Park.

Based on Oscar-winning filmmaker James Cameron's record-breaking box-office hit movie, Avatar (2009), Pandora opened in May 2017 at Disney's Animal Kingdom in the area formerly occupied by Camp Minnie-Mickey. It is a much different jungle than one on Earth although there are some similarities.

For the movie, filmmaker James Cameron envisioned a moon called Pandora about 4.37 light years from Earth in the Alpha Centauri system orbiting the gas giant Polyphemus, with an atmosphere on the moon un-breathable for humans without assistance from Exo-packs.

Earth personnel in the presence of the Resources Development Administration (RDA), a quasi-governmental company, travel to this distant place in the 22nd century primarily to mine a rare mineral whose superconductive properties allow it to float in magnetic fields.

In addition, scientists studying the indigenous humanoid species called the Na'vi and the unusual fauna and flora also accompany the private security contractors employed by RDA.

Cameron meant to draw parallels between the lush, tropical forests of this science-fiction inspired moon and the supposed devastation of the ecology on the current Earth where humans have turned their planet into a global urban slum where little remains of a functioning natural ecosystem.