Rare theme park attractions aren’t locked into a particular era. Even the most popular attractions eventually will fade. Two exceptions are The American Adventure and Soarin’ Over California. Both examples generate a strong emotional response from guests. Former Disney Imagineer Rick Rothschild created those and a lot more during his 41 years working at Disney.

Rothschild is [Dan Heaton's] guest on this episode of The Tomorrow Society Podcast to talk about his amazing career. He originally worked in theater before joining Disney in 1978. His arrival coincided with the creation of EPCOT Center, which was an exciting time at Disney. After working on other projects for EPCOT, he ultimately became the show producer for The American Adventure. In that role, Rothschild worked closely with Randy Bright to develop the park’s signature attraction.

[They] also talk about concepts for Pleasure Island, which dramatically changed the nighttime experience at Disney World. He describes the process that led to clubs like The Adventurer’s Club and Comedy Warehouse. Finally, [they] close the podcast by discussing Soarin’ and other FlyOver projects. After leaving Disney, he worked on more flying theaters around the world. […]