If you have watched The Imagineering Story six-part documentary series on Disney+, produced by the fantastic Leslie Iwerks, then you are already familiar with the stirring score by Jeff Kryka. Jeff is a well-regarded orchestrator and composer who has worked on a number of Disney film projects, including Incredibles 2, Coco, Tomorrowland and John Carter, among others. In The Imagineering Story, Jeff develops an amazing and pulsating score that reflects the ingenuity of Disney's dream-makers.

On this episode of Notably Disney, Jeff chats with Brett Nachman about his musical career, work with Michael Giacchino on major Hollywood productions, and developing several hours of the score for The Imagineering Story. Along the way Jeff imparts insights about the role of an orchestrator, capturing the emotion of the visuals in creating an original composition, and how all of the individuals on the team come together to develop magical music.