Michael Broggie: Marty, let’s start with the beginning, a good place to start any story. You’re certainly one of the best writers that ever worked for the company, you wrote for Walt, wrote speeches and so on. Take us back to the beginning of your time at the Daily Bruin, how it came about that you ended up to work for the company.

Marty Sklar: I received a phone call at my fraternity, where I lived. It was the end of my junior year and I was about to be the editor of the next semester of the Daily Bruin at UCLA, the student newspaper. The call was from a Card Walker and I thought one of my fraternity brothers was playing a trick on me, because no one but a Vegas dealer was named Card, right? So I didn’t even call him back, but fortunately he did. He called me back and asked me to come in for an interview, which I did, and it turned out Walt wanted to put out a tabloid newspaper on Main Street the first time that Disneyland was open. Disneyland’s own newspaper. They hired me to do that. I went to work mid-June 1955, a month before Disneyland opened.


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