Bob Otto worked in Disney’s Machine Shop from April 27, 1953 until January 25, 1965.

Michael Broggie: How did you happen to come to work at Disney in the first place?

Bob Otto: I was working at the Howard Hughes aircraft plant at the time. My brother heard about this job at Disney. He was working at Warner Brothers at the time, so he didn’t want to take it. He was satisfied with his job at Warner Brothers. So I called up Roger.

I had met Roger previously during the strike—the studio strike—when I was working at Mitchell Camera. He was out on strike and he was hired during the strike at Mitchell Camera and I became acquainted with him. So he knew who I was when I called him up and asked him about the job. He said, “Sure, Bob. When can you come in?”

MB: So my dad didn’t cross the picket line when the cartoonists went on strike?

BO: I really can’t give you an answer on that. All I know is that he did work at Mitchell Camera during the strike. Whether he did cross the picket line at some time or another, I don’t know. I can’t give you a positive answer on that.


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