These are the notes from Frank and Ollie for an interview they conducted with Marc while working on their book Disney Animation: The Illusion of Life.

Marc is talking about the work he is doing now at WED. He finishes his sketches so everyone down the line will know what to do. He suggests business, costume, the whole thing,.... He tells of things he is doing for the Mississippi riverboat. They say, “Do a guy with the old shell game,” and he takes it and develops it. The cost is going up all the time. They say now that each move on one of those figures costs $1000.

Marc thinks that character development was a big advance. The things that Bill Peet did on Song of the South: Those were a real high point for Disney animation and the characters are absolutely an incredible thing. “I worked on story myself on that, just little bits and pieces. But Bill Peet is the one who deserves the credit for that conception. And of course, it was George Stallings, who was very knowledgeable about Joel Chandler Harris. But still, I think what happened on the screen there was [thanks to] Bill Peet.”


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