JC: Did you do [Phil] Harris in Aristocats?

EL: No. I did some of the kittens, but mostly did most of Roquefort.

JC: What characters did you work on in Peter and the Wolf?

EL: Sasha, the duck and some of the kid.

JC: That lovely little thing he did with the string connecting with Peter’s cork.

EL: Yes. The string was on the cork in the gun barrel and it’s swinging back and forth.

JC: That’s a piece of your animation?

EL: Yes. He was a great character, Sasha was. Energetic, he had a lot of life; he was kind of a challenge in timing, really.

JC: Because you were playing him off against slower characters, like the duck?

EL: There were two extreme contrasts there. The duck was very, very slow and very deliberate. He couldn’t even wave goodbye fast. When he waved goodbye it was a real slow wave.


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