Walt's People: Volume 24 features appearances by Otto Englander, Jack Campbell, Van Kaufman, Ward Kimball, Bill Hurtz, Fini Rutiger, Eric Gurney, Wilfred Jackson, Eric Larson, Burny Mattinson, George Harding, Marc Davis, Claude & Evie Coats, Wathel Rogers, Bob Otto, Marvin & Marjorie Davis, Marty Sklar, Jow Fowler, Rock Hall, and Pat Burke.

The Walt's People series is an oral history of all things Disney, as told by the artists, animators, designers, engineers, and executives who made it happen, from the 1920s through the present.

Among the hundreds of stories in this volume:

  • OTTO ENGLANDER discusses his work on the short Clock Cleaners in the 1930s and what it was like to work as a storyman at the Disney Studio in the mid-1960s.
  • FINI RUDIGER talks about her colleagues in Disney's famed Character Model Department and about her contributions to such classics as Dumbo, The Reluctant Dragon, and an early version of Cinderella.
  • WATHEL ROGERS reflects upon his long career at WED (now Walt Disney Imagineering) and his instrumental role in the creation of the first Audio-Animatronics.
  • JOE FOWLER provides an in-depth commentary about his career in the Navy and about the major contributions he made as a senior executive during the building of Disneyland.

The entertaining, informative stories in every volume of Walt's People will please both Disney scholars and eager fans alike.