When David Price was a child, he, like many of us, found himself playing about as his father worked elsewhere in the room. But what David didn’t realize at the time was that all those maps and plans hanging around the office were helping his dad, Buzz Price, determine the best place to construct a little theme park called Disneyland.

Not only did Buzz help Walt Disney make that determination, but he also acted as a feasibility advisor for Disney World, EPCOT, and many other theme park and entertainment complexes throughout his life. Honored as a Disney Legend and with his own window at Disneyland, Buzz Price not only changed the lives of theme park fans, but many artists with his work in the formation of both CalArts and Ryman Arts.

David spoke with Nathan Hartman about his book all about his father, “Buzz Stories at Thirty Thousand Feet,” and the impact of his father’s legacy.