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The challenge of making a big comedy/special FX movie is very appealing to.me,” says Randal Kleiser on the set of Honey, I Blew Up the Kid. As a boy, “I loved horror and fantasy films. I bought Famous Monsters of Filmland from the very beginning. But. when I first started out in directing, fantasy wasn't a popular genre until George did Star Wars.” Kleiser’s on safe ground referring to George Lucas in such a  familiar manner, since they were classmates at USC’s filmschool.

Kleiser is a soft-spoken, thoughtful director, somewhat resembling, say, Williant Hurt, or possibly a high school mathematics teacher. He’s friendly, but guarded, clearly aware that this an interview session, not a chat between friends. His answers however are honest, even surprisingly so at times (as in his reply about why the previous director left Kid),.and he’s perfectly willing to chat at length about his work.