The Disney Family Album was an original documentary series produced by The Disney Channel in the mid 1980’s. The 20 Episodes aired from June 1984 until January 1986. Looking for the rest of the Disney Family Albums? Be sure to check the playlist on SamsDisneyDiary

This episode, the first in the series, was thought to be the lost episode, Clarence “Ducky” Nash. Clarence is best known for providing the voice of Donald Duck. As the story goes, Walt happened to be walking by while Clarence was impersonating a family of ducks. Walt thought Clarence would be perfect for an upcoming talking duck in “The Wise Little Hen” animated short. That chance meeting resulted in Clarence providing the voice of Donald Duck for 50 years. Happy 50th Birthday Donald! Special thanks and all credit for the “Lost Episode” to the VintageKid for allowing me to share this video.