Talk by Marty Sklar at Disneyana Fan Club Convention

[Text by Sam Gennaway]

Marty started his talk by thanking all of those who went to Ryman Arts fundraising event the night before. If you are not familiar with this wonderful charity, I invite you to check it out. They do really good work. He also mentioned that he had a new book being released around this time next year.

Recently, he was invited by the WDI staff to review the model for the Shanghai Disneyland project. Although he would not reveal details, he noted that it looked like a great project and he wished the company the best of luck in building on mainland China. He felt this part of the project would not be easy.

As the Epcot show began, Marty reminded us that in the past 30 years, more than 300 million people have visited the park. A remarkable achievement. To prove his point, Marty replayed a editorial film by David Brinkley where he claims that Walt Disney World is the greatest piece of urban planning in America.

Like all good stories, you must start from the beginning. He showed an old photograph of one of the canoes at Disneyland filled with some of the key people who helped found the Park including Jack Reilly, Ray Miller, Bill Evans, Walt Disney, George Whitney, Bill Contrell, Dick Irvine, and Admiral Joe Fowler. Seems you can’t keep former Imagineers from contributing when Bob Gurr shouted out from the audience trying to correct Marty. More photos of the major talents who designed the Park


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