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THIS IS HOW artists at Disney's studio study movements of animals in the new feature, Bambi.

WALT DISNEY sketches the little fawns who were models for the principal characters.

THOUSANDS and thousands of sketches are made before the pattern for any one character is set. Disney sees them all.

SMALL MODELS, jointed and hinged so that the artists may study movement are made of each character. This is one of the simpler models.

Thumper is seen first as a baby, grows up with Bambi. Here half grown.

ACTION SKETCH of the cross old owl, annoyed by twitter-pated birds.

Baby Bambi hears about awful Man from his Mother. The beloved story by Felix Salton is faithfully brought to the screen by Disney.

FUNNIEST sequence is the ‘Twitter-pated’ one when all of the animals fall in Love.