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Close your eyes and think Disney animation. Vivid images float through your mind: the topsy­turvy playing card courtroom from Alice in Wonderland...the rolling red roads through the Georgia countryside in Song o f the South...processions of doll-like children with luminous candles in The Three Caballeros.

These unforgettable visualizations were inspired by the imagination of color stylist and designer Mary Blair, whose personal style and unique vision made her one of Walt Disney's favorite artists. "Walt was very high on Mary," recalls animator Marc Davis, who puts Mary Blair on a par with Matisse in exciting use of color." Mary brought modern art to Walt in a way that did. He was so excited about her work."

"Her use of color was outstanding and very personal," agrees animator Frank Thomas. "She was the first artist I knew of to have different shades of red next to each other. You just didn't do that! But Mary made it work."